Servitude usage in Thailand

Very few people would need to register a servitude in Thailand unless you are living in Isaan or own another form of property such farmland where there might be a need to a servitude. If you are considering buying a property or any real estate let your lawyer check for servitudes over your property.

Servitudes come into play when you need access to land next to yours in order to add any form of value to it. A very good example is that you bought a property but the only access to the main road is crossing the land next to yours. You would need to register a servitude in order for your road to be legal and to run across the land next to yours.

These rights take on many forms however as in one case a property owner objected to the fact that a large condo block was built next to theirs as it blocked the view of the ocean. Even though this matter had dragged in the courts for more than a year they did have the right according to the courts to have unblocked views of the sea. When buying a property in Thailand, always be certain to ask your property lawyer about the rights attached to the property and next to it with regards to building laws and your sea or mountain view.

Servitudes also take the way of pipelines oil or water running across your property and let’s not forget electric pylons. Before you buy any property have the property checked for any servitudes against the property. You would have to a pipeline or busy road 5 years from now cutting across your retirement property. Servitudes are important and mistakes can be costly. Speak to any of our lawyers about servitudes in Thailand and how they might affect you.

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