Lawyer in Koh Samui

If you are looking at buying property in Samui and need a real estate lawyer, please contact us. With offices in all the major cities of Thailand, we are best able to serve your needs and offer you cost-effective legal solutions. Offices located in Thailand

Servitude usage in Thailand

Very few people would need to register a servitude in Thailand unless you are living in Isaan or own another form of property such farmland where there might be a need to a servitude. If you are considering buying a property or any real estate let your lawyer check for servitudes over your property.

Inheritance and Property

Inheriting a condo in Thailand is not as straightforward as it would be in the West. In order to take ownership of the condo, you still fall within the same rules as the person who died and left you the condo in the first place. Seek the assistance from a lawyer in Samui if you […]

Usufruct usage in Thailand

Most people have never heard of the term before yet many only discover its uses after a divorce or a relationship that has gone sour. The usufruct in Thailand is there to offer you protection. It is also there when leasing property. If you are buying property ensure there is no usufruct attached to the […]

Condominium Transfer Taxes

Many buyers wonder what taxes need to be paid when buying a condominium in Thailand. The tax system is easy to understand and we have broken it down in an easy example to show how it works. Speak to a real estate lawyer in Samui for more advice and guidance. Call us today on our […]