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As a reputable law firm in Thailand, with more than 16 years of proven track record of providing highly effective legal solutions to both our local and international clients, we are committed to our client's success.

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Our client service standards affirm our commitment to prioritizing the needs of our clients and to ensure excellence in all that we do.

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Every task we undertake is aimed towards this achievement. We provide our clients with effective and prompt responses to their primary legal concerns and create a well-rounded team of English-speaking Thailand lawyers to work with.

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A full-service law firm in Thailand with its head office located in Bangkok. Our offices and representatives are strategically located throughout Thailand including Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Samui and Phuket. We are a Thailand law firm providing a wide range of services such as Corporate (Company Registration, BOI Thailand, Treaty of Amity and FBL), Property Conveyancing (Title Search, Due Diligence, Contract Review and Transfer of Property), Family Law (Marriage, Prenuptial Agreement, Divorce, Child Custody and Adoption), Immigration services for Thailand and foreign countries, Legal Services such as Thai will and notary services, and Criminal and Civil Litigation or Arbitration in Thailand.


Every task we undertake is aimed towards this achievement


Samui Condominiums

Samui’s property industry is an emerging market in Thailand. Slowly but surely, the prices of Samui real estate is catching up with other regions in the country. This is, of course, a good sign. It suggests that more and more consumers and investors are taking a high interest in Samui’s potential to generate a sound return of investment and profits.

Usufruct Usage

Most people have never heard of the term before yet many only discover its uses after a divorce or a relationship that has gone sour. The usufruct in Thailand is there to offer you protection. It is also there when leasing property. If you are buying property ensure there is no usufruct attached to the property.

Inheritance & Property

Inheriting a condo in Thailand is not as straightforward as it would be in the West. In order to take ownership of the condo, you still fall within the same rules as the person who died and left you the condo in the first place. Seek the assistance from a lawyer in Samui if you do inherit any real estate in Thailand.

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